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Aston Martin V12 Zagato

Aston Martin V12 Zagato


“The V12 Zagato is the pinnacle of the Vantage range. It is also the latest expression of a successful creative collaboration that has given rise to a series of striking GT cars over the last half-century, the original and most iconic of which being the DB4GT Zagato. Not only does this masterpiece rank amongst the most desirable, collectable and valuable cars in history, its 50th anniversary provided the inspiration for the V12 Zagato.

Though commemorating a great Aston Martin of the past the V12 Zagato could be no mere pastiche of the original. Instead the project was seen as the perfect opportunity to take Aston Martin’s ethos of technology and tradition to a new and exciting level. To this end the V12 Zagato combines the modern ideas, materials, processes and technology pioneered on One-77, while remaining true to the purity and craftsmanship of its illustrious forebear.

A work of art built by skilled craftsmen to be driven and enjoyed by the world’s most discerning car collectors, the V12 Zagato is a fitting tribute to its illustrious ancestor. On-sale now priced at (UK Pound) £330,000 (plus local taxes) the production specification V12 Zagato will be showcased at the Geneva Salon International in March 2012. First deliveries are scheduled for autumn 2012.”
by jnksystem | 2012-02-10 12:56 | Vehicle

Ferrari: Markku Alen Tests the FF on A Snow-covered Forest Stage

Markku Alen Tests the FF on A Snow-covered
Forest Stage

The 1978 World Rally Champion, the Ferrari 4x4 and a challenge on an ice track.
Markku Alen behind the wheel of the FF to trial the 12-cylinder on the Arjeplog track in the North of Sweden.
Thanks to her excellent performance as well as the mechanical set up and the innovative 4RM system, the Gran Turismo from Maranello entertained and thrilled the former World Champion on a spectacular track with ups and downs and challenging corners, passing the test with a top grade.

Il vincitore del Mondiale Rally nel 1978, la 4x4 Ferrari e una sfida su una pista ghiacciata.
Markku Alen siede al volante della FF per mettere alla prova i suoi 12 cilindri sulla pista di Arjeplog, nel nord della Svezia.
Grazie alle sue doti prestazionali, come il bilanciamento meccanico e le 4RM, la Gran Turismo della Casa di Maranello, tra spettacolari saliscendi e curvoni in pista, ha divertito ed entusiasmato anche un campione del mondo, superando brillantemente la prova.
by jnksystem | 2012-02-04 14:05 | Vehicle

Honda CR-V Game Day Commercial - "Matthew's Day Off"

CR-V Game Day Commercial
"Matthew's Day Off"

To celebrate the launch of the all-new 2012 CR-V, Honda brought Ferris Bueller's Day Off back in a big game commercial. We cast Matthew Broderick as himself, skipping out on a day of acting work and living it up in his all-new CR-V. Relive movie history with Honda's fresh twist and wonderful homage to this '80s classic.
by jnksystem | 2012-01-31 19:51 | Vehicle

2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee All-Black Edition

Jeep Grand Cherokee
2012 All-Black Edition


The Jeep brand has introduced a new, production-intent concept version of its award-winning Grand Cherokee, a unique model with distinctive yet stealthy exterior cues designed to attract new Cherokee enthusiasts and customers. Showing the vehicle publicly for the first time this morning at the Houston Auto Show, Jeep also announced that it has created an online contest for consumers to name the new concept vehicle. The person who chooses the winning name will have an opportunity to win a one of their own. With the Laredo X package as its starting point, the new Jeep Grand Cherokee combines a variety of exterior design changes to create a unique model with an aggressive, chrome and “blacked-out” look. Included in the blackout are the front grill, headlamp bezels and liftgate light bar. Shown in Houston as a brilliant black 4×4 model, a deep cherry red 4×4 version will be on display tomorrow at the Washington DC Auto Show.


Source: Autoblog
by jnksystem | 2012-01-28 13:43 | Vehicle

2013 BMW X6 Sports Activity Coupe

2013 BMW X6 Sports Activity Coupe


Heading into the 2013 model year, BMW is set to introduce an updated version of their so-called “Sports Activity Coupe”, the X6. Featuring a number of subtle cosmetic changes, including a bolder grille and redesigned head and tail lights, the new X6 boasts performance upgrades like a 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged V6 that, when coupled with xDrive35i, pumps out 315 hp and 330 lb-ft of torque. The larger and more powerful 4.4-liter twin turbocharged V8 M Performance Package offers up to 440 hp and 480 lb-ft of torque. Both versions of the upgraded X6 are set to hit BMW dealerships later this spring.


Source: Autoblog
by jnksystem | 2012-01-27 14:05 | Vehicle

Self-driving BMW

Self-driving BMW

BMW announced their ConnectedDrive Connect (CDC) semi-autonomous driving system back in August, but the company has just released a new video of it in action.
While the clip is in German, it shows some fairly relaxed engineers taking their hands off the steering wheel and letting the car drive itself. As we have previously reported, CDC works on pre-mapped highways by pinpointing the car's position and the location of surrounding objects. Once everything has been determined, CDC controls the braking and acceleration like an advanced cruise control system.

However, when the car senses it is behind a slowpoke, it looks for an open lane where it can safely merge at speeds up to 130 km/h (81 mph). If an opening is found, the system will steer the vehicle into that lane, pass the slower vehicle and return to its original lane.
As Dr. Nico Kaempchen explains, "Our main challenge was to develop algorithms that can handle entirely new situations. In principal, the system works on all freeways that we have mapped out beforehand with [a] centimeter accuracy." He goes on to say CDC ensures the car "adheres to all traffic laws" and sticks to the speed limit.
by jnksystem | 2012-01-25 20:46 | Vehicle

BUGATTI Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport – Special Edition

BUGATTI Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport
Special Edition


If the BUGATTI Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport didn’t turn enough heads for you, the Grand Sport Special Edition should definitely do the trick, especially in the bumble bee colorway shown at this year’s Dubai International Motor Show. The loudest of the three colors brought to the show, which also included a blue carbon and green/silver, the yellow and black carbon fiber Veyron’s colorway continues on the interior with seats finished in yellow leather with black stitching and a middle console, dashboard, and steering wheel all decked out in black. While there were no changes to the drivetrain, which makes this car the fastest street legal convertible on the market, the Grand Sport still is capable of hitting 1,001-hp through its 8.0-liter W-16 engine and hitting 60mph in less than 2.5 seconds. With only a 150 units being produced, make sure to maintain a steady hand while you’re writing a check for the base model price of 1.58 million euros. Or you can just enjoy the snapshots after the jump. via: Carscoop


by jnksystem | 2012-01-25 20:45 | Vehicle

DeLorean DMC-EV

DeLorean DMC-EV

Texas-based DeLorean Motor Company is looking to redefine the iconic DMC-12 conceived by John Z. DeLorean over 3 decades ago. While its pop-culture status as the "Back to the Future car" will never change, the DMC-12's reputation for surprisingly poor performance can certainly be addressed. With some help from Epic EV, the folks at DeLorean have swapped the car's original 130 hp V6 for an all-electric powertrain that produces 260 max hp and is reported to go from 0-60 mph in under 5 seconds. That's certainly one way to transport the stainless steel, gull-winged wonder from the past into the future.
by jnksystem | 2012-01-25 20:06 | Vehicle

Acura NSX Concept in Gran Turismo 5

Acura NSX Concept in Gran Turismo 5

It was only an hour ago that we got preliminary images of the new Acura NSX Concept car. Now comes word and video that the ecological supercar will be available for play in Gran Turismo 5. While the NSX is only showcased in a virtual world, here’s hoping that more footage will turn up of the actual beast at play in a real world scenario.
by jnksystem | 2012-01-11 13:14 | Vehicle

2013 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class Theatrical Promo Video

2013 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class
Theatrical Promo Video

Mercedes-Benz has officially unveiled the 2013 SL as evidenced by this nearly six-minute theatrical promo that plays out more like a movie than an automobile spot. Aesthetically, the SL borrows cues from the SLK thanks to the ventilated hood and a single bar grill that is flanked by oversized headlights with integrated LEDs. Under the hood you’ll find a twin-turbo 4.7-liter V8 with 429 hp (320 kW / 435 PS) and 516 lb-ft (699 Nm) of torque. This allows the car to run from 0-100 km/h in just 4.6 seconds.
by jnksystem | 2012-01-10 18:31 | Vehicle

Special occasion - a sence of occasion -

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