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Nike Hyperdunk – Nike Mag Inspired Customs by Brian Villanueva

Nike Hyperdunk
Nike Mag Inspired Customs
by Brian Villanueva


The McFly edition of the Hyperdunk was one of the most intriguing and sought-after Nike releases of the last decade. As you are probably well aware, the inspiration behind the shoe was the infamous Nike Mag, made legendary by Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future 2. Although the Nike Mag was obviously never released, the McFly Hyperdunk used some elements of its design to get the idea across, giving collectors a chance to get as close as they would probably ever come to owning a pair of the Mags. Sneakerheads loved the Hyperdunk edition, but to look at it next to the original Nike Mag, it’s plain to see that plenty of things are very different from the original design.


Answering the “what if” question, customizer Brian Villanueva decided to create an alternate version of the Nike Hyperdunk that follows the color scheme and color blocking of the Nike Mag a little more closely than the McFly’s did. As you can see, the shoe sports an all grey upper with a speckled midsole that captures the solid-colored sole look of the Nike Mag a little more accurately. As if this concept wasn’t legit enough already, the Swooshes have even been equipped with some glow-in-the-dark capabilities, effectively putting the cherry on top of a great custom endeavor. Take a look at some more pics of the kicks after the jump and let us know which version you feel did the better job. Thanks a lot to Brian for the pics. Great job!


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